Marine Scotland Science (MSS) and Scottish Natural Heritage are co-funding a PhD opportunity with the project through the NERC-funded SUPER DTP programme.

Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) is funding the purchase of a drone for the PhD fieldwork (watch the funding pitch by Julia Sutherland here).

Carnegie Trust is funding the analys of the acoustic records, and further land-based field work in Shetland in 2020.

MSS also loaned the project acoustic recorders for preliminary passive acoustic monitoring in Orkney in 2019. The field costs of the Orkney trip were sponsored by the harbour seal decline project in SMRU.

Sea-Changers funded the pilot phase of the ECOPredS citizen science data collection in Shetland.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation is supporting the development of a citizen science game about the predator-prey relationship of killer whales and seals in Shetland, in collaboration with the Salo vocational college in Finland.

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